Artist Statement


“Somewhere beyond the iris in the eye, everything sizzles and sometimes, amidst this sizzling, a spark releases and connects to one particular form, leading to many more connections, setting all that surrounds in motion, giving a direction.” My inner world is driven by an insatiable quest towards an ephemeral wholeness, leading towards eternal dissatisfaction. Art for me is a reflection of this human condition that no one person or piece is ever truly complete. As a child who grew up in a family trading in Indian textiles, I have always had an intense personal relationship with the themes of ethnicity and popular culture which have become the base of my forms and motif vocabulary. Bicultural experiences and struggle ensuing from transition to America has fundamentally shaped my recent work. Seeking to visualize the harmony over the disparity, my work aims to create a fusion between Indian patterns and motifs and western notions of brands in design. Merging the colourful Indian decorative attributes and ornamentation, Indian sand paintings, images of Bollywood movies and gods with the American brands and tying them together constitutes this visualisation.Experimenting beyond traditional paper based printmaking led me to printing on fabric bringing about a third dimension to my work which further emphasises this fusion making it a more complex visual experience. This added dimensional element, I believe further enhances the visual experience of this amalgamation. Like the yin and yang, the multi-layered gown deals with the complexities and similarities between different lifestyles. My work has always been about my travel experiences and associations with juxtaposing my heritage with my adopted culture and the changes that I have been exposed to. More recently, my work has become more about juxtaposing cultures through the utilization of recognizable and commonplace characters from mythology and comic books- I mesh Americana with imagery from Indian culture. Through this mix of imagery, I create room and dialog for the American viewer to step in. The comic book becomes a vehicle for a multicultural dialog. My recent work explores universal ideas of feminism, culture and exposure. There are elements of open and close where the viewer can actually interact with the pieces.